• How Home Living Assistance Can Provide Care for Your Disabled Child

    For families caring for a disabled child, home living assistance can be invaluable in providing quality care and support. Home living assistance provides a unique opportunity for families to provide personalized care to their disabled child in the comfort of their own home environment. Here are a few ways home living assistance can help care for your disabled child.  Mobility Assistance Home living assistance can help care for your disabled child by providing them with the necessary mobility assistance.
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  • Why Telehealth Continence Assessments Are Perfect For Children With Spina Bifida

    The stress, frustration and sometimes embarrassment that can come with incontinence after often overwhelming challenges for children with spina bifida—and their parents. While doctors can often recommend many strategies to manage continence, keeping up with appointments isn't always easy or pleasant. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, there's now an even better solution for children's continence assessments: telehealth. Typically held over online video calls, telehealth assessments and check-ups are transforming the lives of children with spina bifida and incontinence.
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