Elder Care: 3 Benefits Of Supported Independent Living

Posted on: 4 April 2022

When you reach the stage of life where you're considered a senior citizen, getting some additional support can allow you to retain your independence and enjoy the same activities and quality of life you're used to. Everyone needs some help from time to time and what that help looks like will vary for each individual. There are a few different elder care options available for senior citizens who need some support, but not all options are suited to those who want to remain in their own home. However, supported independent living is one option that does enable you to continue living in your home and involves working with a care provider to formulate a package of support that allows you to retain as much independence in your daily life as possible. Read on to learn about three benefits of supported independent living.


As you get older it's common to develop mobility issues or struggle to keep track of appointments. This can impact on your self-confidence and leave you feeling reluctant to do the things you've always enjoyed. With supported independent living, your carer or support worker can accompany you on outings and to appointments. They can go shopping with you if you need help carrying bags and take notes for you at medical appointments if you struggle to remember the details of conversations. Additionally, if you'd just like a little company, they can join you for a trip to the cinema or a walk in the park.

Help With Personal Care

Needing help with personal care, such as bathing and dressing, can leave you feeling deflated and resigned to the idea of residential care. However, a supported independent living care plan can be tailored to your needs and can include regular visits from care staff to assist with your personal care needs. This may mean a carer coming to your home to get you up and ready in the morning and then visiting again in the evening to get you into bed, or it may mean several visits spread across the day to help you with toileting needs.

On-Call Support

Providers of supported independent living care packages usually offer an on-call service that can provide peace of mind, particularly if you live alone. This service may include 24-hour phone support, on-demand carer visits or an emergency call system that can be used to alert staff if you need assistance. You can discuss the level of on-call support you require before agreeing to a contract with your chosen supported independent living provider.

Supported independent living offers you a great deal of control over the type of support you receive and how, when and where that support is provided. If you'd like to find out more, contact a few supported independent living providers in your local area to ask about the services they offer.